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Pool and Spa Facility

Indulge in the Best Spa with Outdoor Pool Experience

Our special pool is not just any pool—it's the only salt pool in the  Greater Vancouver Area that is kept warm and cozy at 97°F, mirroring your body temperature. It is a pool and spa for your body and soul.

But that's not all! Our pool works in all kinds of weather – even when it's snowy, rainy, or super sunny! We have an electric cover that moves up and down to make sure you can enjoy the magic of hydrotherapy spa surrounded by nature every day of the year.

We use an electronic control to maintain the highest water quality. Enriched with the therapeutic trace minerals present in the Dead Sea Salt that we use, the water is less salty than your tears.

Before you come to visit, we have a little rule to keep everything clean and fresh. We ask our clients to take a shower at home before they come, and not put on any make-up, perfume, lotion, or deodorant.

So, get ready to dive into the best spa with pool experience in Vancouver, where the best environment to heal is here.

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