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Meet Diana:
A Somatic Coach in Vancouver

Diana Cheng, a Somatic Therapy Coach for anxiety and panic attacks in Vancouver

I have been a Certified Watsu® Practitioner since 2018, a Somatic Coach and an Energy Healer since 2013. I am passionate in helping people to recover from physical and emotional pain.


Why I Love Working in the Water:

Chronic pain is exhausting.  I love giving Watsu Hydrotherapy because no matter how tense the body is, water allows the body to learn to be more fluid.  The supportive and freeing nature of water allows me to non-verbally negotiate with a tense body to let go.


Seeing a tense body learn to let go is something that excites me because from a somatic perspective, the most important first step is done. The body now believes that it CAN relax. With regular sessions (i.e. more practice), the body WILL get better at staying relaxed instead of being all tense and painful.

Here's a video of my story on my Watsu training journey. If you're curious about how this somatic therapy can help you, let's chat for a quick 10 minutes in a Free Discovery Call with Diana Cheng. And if you're ready to give it a go, just click below to book your Watsu Hydrotherapy Session.

Let's turn your wellness voyage into a rejuvenating adventure! For anyone searching for a somatic therapist, I'm here to guide you toward relaxation and healing in the soothing property of aquatic bodywork.

See what others think of Diana: click here to check out Diana Cheng's TripAdvisor's reviews.

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