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A 90-Minute Ultimate De-stress Massage

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Part 1: Relaxation Massage (Approximmately 60 mins)

In the first 60 minutes, you will receive a Watsu® relaxation massage, customized for you based on your body's specific needs.  Being carefully held, and moved rhythmically by Diana in soothing warm water, this meditative journey unfolds, liberating you from pain and tension held deep within your body.

An outdoor pool for hydrotherapy spa in Vancouver for relaxation massage and integration

Part 2: Integration (About 30 mins)

The subsequent 30 minutes is for your mind, a guided integration process.  After 1 hour of Watsu massage, you will enter a very quiet and clear state, where you will see and understand a lot of things that you normally will not see. Diana will actively listen to your realization over a cup of hot herbal tea.  This pivotal step makes the mind-body link which empowers you to take control of your life.  Your body and mind will feel much lighter.  This is beyond de-stressing your mind and your body.  This is a transformative experience.  See Diana's Google Reviews here

What kind of People use Watsu?

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