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Hydrotherapy Vancouver

The Only Hydrotherapy Spa (with Human Touch) in Vancouver

Experience a new integrated approach to relieve pain and quiet the mind!  


Hi, my name is Diana Cheng, B.A.Sc.  I am a Certified Watsu® Practitioner who combines techniques from Watsu® Hydrotherapy and energy healing to alleviate tension in your body and your mind. 


I will create a personal program to help your body relearn relaxation. As you progress, it becomes easier for both your body and mind to let go of tension. This relaxed state allows oxygen and nutrients to circulate and toxins to clear from your body.  A non-constricted, relaxed mind and body is key to healing and recovery.

To put your mind and body in a deeply relaxed meditative state, the water temperature needs to be very close to your body temperature.  This womb-like environment, combined with my 100% presence and care for you, takes you to a level of relaxation that you have never experienced before.


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Diana Cheng, A Certified Watsu Practitioner, performing energy healing hydrotherapy to a woman in a salt water pool in Vancouver

About Watsu Hydrotherapy in Vancouver

Watsu is a unique integrated approach.  This hydrotherapy spa Vancouver uses warm water, combined with gentle massage and energy work, creating a magical experience for your body and mind to naturally unwind, as show in this video.


Unlike active hydrotherapy, Watsu is a passive therapy, which means you can simply relax without doing anything. In fact, within one hour of Watsu, your body will be super relaxed, and your mind will be incredibly peaceful.

It is a hydrotherapy that communicates directly to your body (soma) that it is safe to let go.  For those people who are searching for a Hydrotherapy Spa in Vancouver, you have found the right place!

Discover how Watsu therapy can effectively heal trauma in this insightful research study.


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