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Catalyst Kinetics, Burnaby

Enjoy your completely private session of relaxation in the warm water of this private endless pool.  The water quality is carefully balanced for your sensitive skin.  Luxurious shower and washroom inside this private pool just for you only.

7865 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, 
B.C. Canada

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Stan Stronge Pool

The setting of this pool is magical with beautiful landscape and old growth trees.  This therapeutic pool is completely accessible facility, with a entry ramp to pool as well as all washrooms/shower.  Available Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoon only.  It is very private, accessible to people "on the list" if you are not my client.  Please book ahead for this pool.

719 W 59th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Your Pool at Home

Learn how to self-float to de-stress and relief your pain after your session in the privacy of your home.

Please call Diana at (604) 790-8833