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Wake Up Early Benefits for You!

Updated: Mar 6

The Magic of Rising with the Sun

There's something undeniably enchanting about waking up early before the world has fully stirred. As the sun stretches its golden arms across the horizon, early risers are treated to a treasure trove of unique experiences that set the tone for the day. There is now a lot of scientific evidence that morning light is magical to a regulated circadian rhythm. If you haven't felt sleepy at the right time for a while, try waking up early and going into nature to have morning walks for two days. (You are welcome.)

Diana Cheng, a certified Watsu practitioner happily taking a selfie of the early morning beauty in front of a lake.  She is showing off the wake up early benefits
Wake Up Early with Morning Light Magic: Your Key to a Regulated Circadian Rhythm.

The Hush of Dawn

In the early hours, a serene stillness blankets the world. It's a time when nature takes a deep breath before the bustling commotion of the day begins. This tranquil silence is a canvas on which you can paint your thoughts and intentions for the day ahead. I personally see from my work that spending silence with yourself is a powerful way to reset a hyper-active nervous system. Some testimonials from veterans on how quieting the mind using aquatic bodywork can be seen in my other blog post,"Warm Water Aquatic Bodywork: A Gentle Path to PTSD Treatment in Vancouver, BC, Canada"

The Gift of Solitude

Waking up early offers you precious moments of solitude, a chance to savor a cup of coffee or tea. It's a time when your thoughts can unfurl without interruption, allowing you to reflect, plan, or simply "be".

A girl standing in front of a foggy field at dawn, wondering how to wake up early
Taking time to reflect can help you gain clarity, set goals, and start your day with intention. Time for yourself is a key benefit to waking up early.

A Front-Row Seat to Nature's Beauty

As the first rays of light spill over the horizon, they paint the sky with hues that are as fleeting as they are breathtaking. Watching the world awaken, with birds singing their melodious greetings and dew-kissed flowers stretching toward the sun, is a spectacle that's worth setting an early alarm for.

A beautiful view of early morning sunrise shining on the trees by the lake.  Showing up and waking up early allows us to see the quiet side of the world.
Everything is so beautiful under morning light, with no one around. Key benefits to waking up early and cease the day.

Time to Savor Slowly

Waking up early grants you the luxury of time – time to relish a leisurely breakfast, engage in a morning workout, or delve into a book that's been waiting patiently on your shelf. It's a chance to start your day on your terms, without the rush.

An Energy Boost Like No Other

There's a certain energy in the early hours that's invigorating and refreshing. It's as if the world is extending an invitation to seize the day with renewed vitality. This natural energy boost can set a positive tone for your entire day, infusing you with a sense of purpose and determination.

Diana Cheng in standing front of the sun during an early morning run, benefiting from waking up early.
My favorite morning routine: running

A Private Meeting with Productivity

Those precious morning hours, when distractions are at a minimum, offer an opportunity to tackle tasks without the buzz of emails, or incoming calls. It's like having a private meeting with yourself, where you can accomplish more in a fraction of the time.

A Nurturing Routine

Creating a morning routine that caters to your well-being becomes a delight when you wake up early. These rituals become anchors that ground you and set a positive tone for the day.

Early mornings offer you the chance to shape the canvas of your day. It's a time when you can map out your intentions, set goals, and establish the mindset you want to carry with you. With each sunrise, you're given a fresh start, a new chance to create, explore, and make your mark.

Witnessing Your Evolution

Waking up early can be a personal journey of growth. As you discipline your body and mind to embrace the early hours, you'll witness your ability to adapt, find joy in the quiet moments, and make the most of the hours that others might sleep through.

Waking Up Earlier is Easier Said than Done

If your biggest hurdle is actually falling asleep and staying asleep through the night, we have hope! There is this new approach called Watsu® therapy for resetting a hypervigilant nervous system (watch video of a Watsu Session) By combining the gentle movements and pressure points of shiatsu with the soothing embrace of warm water, Watsu therapy can help calm an overactive mind.

Through regular Watsu sessions, individuals can experience profound improvements in their sleep patterns. By addressing the underlying causes of sleep disturbances, such as stress and anxiety, Watsu® therapy can help reset the body's natural sleep-wake cycle, allowing for restful and rejuvenating sleep. So, if you're ready to bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace the beauty of early mornings, consider adding Watsu therapy to your wellness routine.

For me, my productivity and well-being literally doubled by waking up early. are interested in working with me ( find out more about Diana Cheng, click here to book a Watsu Session. I will be happy to help you to establish healthy habits and learn how to waking up early.

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